Cloud Cloud Cloud – that’s all anyone has been talking about recently and Oracle have been pushing it as if R12 had some incurable disease! Whatever your opinion on the cloud era, this short blog post is meant to help you avoid the type of mistakes that we have made and then had to spend a lot of time cleaning up. And of course – its just about Fusion Tax.

New features

Be careful here as many of the new features are so new that Oracle has not even tested them, well thats what it appears! So anything that was available in Oracle R12 is going to still be available in Fusion Tax and this functionality seems to still be working without many issues. If it is new to Fusion, like withholding tax, tax box allocations, country localisations, min max logic or final place of discharge, then proceed with caution. If you had to walk through a mine field, its always best to follow someone who knows the right way through and similarly, with Fusion Tax, if its new, best to get some help if you want it done right first time.

Spreadsheet Uploaders

The Spreadsheet Loaders are meant to be the saviour to the what is the biggest issue when setting up indirect tax on oracle – the amount of time to configure! But whooaaaa, hold your horses right there buddy, it aint so straight forward. The spreadsheet loaders to work but the number of issues we have seen has been shocking from dates being uploaded taking the system date when the spreadsheet was in the past, tax conditions being created that were completely different to the determining factor set it was linked to. Lookup codes are not created and the main issue is that the spreadsheet uploads only load about 50% of the content that you want them to so no tax reporting codes, legal justification text, localisations, recovery codes, offset tax linking etc.  So our advice is to manually create the tax determining factor sets before you attempt to load ay rules and make sure you go back through all the rates to correctly update them after they have been loaded in.


There is navigation captain but not as we know it! The navigation we used in Oracle R12 e-business Tax has completely gone. Instead you have to type in a search field what you want to do which whilst time consuming is easier than filtering through all the project tasks. You can save your navigation to your favourites – but that itself has issues but at least you can save all your common tasks here.


Yep, MS Explorer, Firefox or Safari – it does make a difference. So if things are not going to plan, then change your browser and try again!

Saved Searches

The search functionality is hit and miss. The concept is good and its much clearer what is a search box in Fusion that R12 and you can save searches but saved searches have issues. One very frustration issue is when you get and error when trying to run a aved sseach in you tax rules. A solution for the issue can be found here – on our sister site.